Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why SAT??

Since I stepped into uniten for the first time, i had a feeling my days here would be challenging. Well, it came true and its way beyond that. I couldn't believe myself waking up at 7 in the morning and went back exactly at 7 pm almost everyday. Not to forget those extra/replacement classes on the weekends. We SD scholars have been through it for about 6 months now and we would say we already get used to that. Its all due to S.. err SAT!! This do-or-die test has had made us sleepless at night until the day of the of the exam. Though I feel that my sat score is not very high, at least i got another shot at it this semester and i won't take it easy this time.

So as we all know SAT consists of 3 components, Critical Reading, Writing and Maths. Maths part is not a big problem imo. It just needs a lot of practises. writing and cr are way tougher as we need to have a very,very deep understanding in english language. nway, my cr score sucks big time. but let bygones be bygones aite?? so from now onwards, i set my mind clear that i will strive for the best in the upcoming sat and will do whatever it takes to get high scores. even as i write this post, i'm holding the sat book. that shows determination right? so enough talk! lets get back to work. i'll be posting again soon. c ya til then.

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  1. brought bak d memories of goin in at 7am n comin out at 7pm...
    and of AP!!
    haha...yeah, at least we hv anoter chance now...