Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nonsensical Preword

Warning : This post will waste approx. 3 mins of your life.

SAT. Doesn’t sound scary at all right? But these 3 letters symbolizes torture, pain, suffering and countless hours of studying. It determines whether you get into Stanford or Sanford. It either make or break your application. It even influence your parents’ and lecturers’ love towards you. Simply put it is your future. Ok I’m being overly-dramatic with all that scary shit about SAT but all of that wasn’t pure crap. It has some degree of truth in it.

SAT is important. That is irrefutable. Even Kak Ros at COE food court would agree on that. To put it in Mdm. Ong’s words, it is the main ingredient of your application to US universities besides your essay. That being said, you should, let me rephrase that, you MUST study hard for it to ever get a good chance of scoring it unless you're the next Einstein or something. There's no two way at it. That big blue SAT book should be your buddy for the next few months until you do your real SAT. Sleep, eat and even shit (no kidding, you can do a few pages while you're at it maybe even a whole test if you're constipating) with it.

Well to tell you the truth the whole paragraph above was just me being Mr. Yu Jin (with all due respect). Nobody likes SAT. Actually everyone I know despise it. If there was something that the whole world has in common is the hatred towards SAT exam. The hatred towards it transcends boundaries, religions and cultures. This blog is another reason why i loathe it so much. If SAT didn't exist I wouldn't be writing this blog in the first place. For those who don't know, my lecturer, Mr. Yu Jin made the whole class write our own blog in groups of two. And yeah he will be reading all of our blogs so forgive me Sir for any foul language. I'm just exercising my freedom of speech :P.

Since this is my first post ever, I didn't really put anything much. So to all of you who read this post, I'm terribly sorry for wasting 3 minutes of your life (not that you have any) but i did warned you. Ill be posting much more in the coming days on stuffs about SAT. Till then


  1. gotta love d last 2 paragraphs!

  2. nice one. truly utilizing ur freedom of speech. way to go guys.

  3. 3 plus hours sound like a catastrophic constipation...